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    Solarstone announces exclusive distribution agreement with Solintegra

    Who is Solarstone OU and what is your mission?

    Solarstone is an Estonia-based building-integrated solar panel (BIPV) manufacturer. In essence, we produce smart solar roofs suitable equally for modern and traditional sloped rooftops. Our products have been well received in the region, having installed more than 400 roofs over the past 3 years. Solarstone mission is to make BIPV solar panels as common building material as concrete, clay or wood. What sets us apart from other solar providers is that our unique module and framing solutions make solar roof installation hassle free.

    What product range does Solarstone offer and will offer in the near future?

    Today there are 2 main solutions which have the biggest impact on the advancement of BIPV technology. Tiled solar roof: Solarstone’s 90W and 105W modules have a perfect fit with most tile producer such as BMI Monier, Benders, Wienerberger and many other distinguished roofing brands. Full solar roof with patented Click-on framing. World renowned solar brand standard panels can be fitted with innovative framing, rendering them into weatherproof 2 in1 roofing material. We are also developing BIPV solutions for standing seam roofs and vertical surfaces which will be introduced to the market later this year.

    What advantages do your integrated solutions bring to the market?

    Most BIPV installations are usually labor intensive and complex, whereas an average Solarstone installation of 70m2 can be easily installed within 1-2 days. This also results in a more competitive pricing. The most important attribute in our favor is the design and aesthetic appeal of the roofs – they look beautiful, blend into any surroundings. Solarstone products have green light when it comes to restrictions imposed in national heritage areas, where standard PVs are forbidden.

    Why did you choose to enter into a distribution agreement with Solintegra for the Norwegian market?

    Solarstone has set high standards for the installation and distribution partners we work with. Over the past 2 years we have tested different cooperation setups in the Nordics. After successfully pulling off the very first Solarstone project in Bergen, Bjorn and Lars Inge have shown great ambition and character in making Solarstone a household solar brand in Norway. I believe we are off to a good start with numerous residential and commercial projects cooking in the pipeline.

    Why do you think your products will be popular in the Norwegian market?

    It’a well-known fact that Norwegians appreciate cleantech solutions and good design. Solarstone products have been taken by the storm in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. No doubt that Norwegians will fall in love with the sleek solar products. Who wouldn’t want a roof which can offset your energy bills and charge your EV at the convenience of your personal gas station?

    Where do you see Solarstone in 5 years?

    Today we are one of the largest BIPV providers in the Nordic region. Within 5 years we plan to become one of the largest in Europe with distribution hubs and partners in 5 continents. It’s an audacious plan, but we have a strong team and products to make this happen. There are man projects in the pipeline to revolutionize how the construction industry sees PV and the way we erect modern buildings.

    What do you think the impact of Solarstone and solar roofs in general have on Norway?

    Solar roofs and integrated solar solutions are shifting the balance on how energy production and consumption meet. Locally produced energy will result in happy consumers, or as we like to call them – prosumers. We are making more conscious decisions and prosume energy wisely. Among other renewable sources, we see solar having a key role in making our economies more sustainable. Renewables account for record numbers in the energy production and we see that policymakers are actually committed this time around with the climate objectives.

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